June 10, 2009

Power Supply Efficiency Compliance Calculator

I previously wrote about various US and international regulations related to an external power supply efficiency. Power Integrations came up with a nice free online tool that let you quickly check whether your charger or an adapter complies with the energy-efficiency regulations. You just enter your power supply's nameplate wattage, no-load power consumption and the efficiency in the active mode at various load levels. The calculator then tells you whether you meet various worldwide standards and actually displays the required no-load input wattage and required efficiency you need for the compliance.
The calculator currently checks for compliance to the following standards for PSU below 250W:
ENERGY STAR (version 2.0), a voluntary standard sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA;
EISA 2007 section 301, a mandatory U.S. efficiency standard, based on the California Energy Commission’s Appliance Efficiency Regulations;
European Commission Code of Conduct (version 4) issued in April 2009;
European Eco-design Directive: The Commission’s Eco-design Directive for external power supplies, which aligns with the EISA 2007 standard for Tier 1 and ENERGY STAR (version 2) for Tier 2;
China USB Charger Specification (YD/T 1591-2006) for mobile telecommunication terminal equipment power supplies;
EC Integrated Product Policy (IPP) for mobile phone adapters/chargers.

Hopefully, PI will be promptly updating their calculator when the applicable standards change.

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