July 23, 2010

Engineering Salaries 2010 Survey

Design News magazine just revealed their 2010 Salary Survey of design engineers. The survey evaluated both compensation and job satisfaction.

According to the study, the average salary of a design engineer in 2010 was $89,597, average bonus: $9,025, average hours work per week: 46. 40% of engineers got base salary increased compared with 2009, 51% have the same salary (note that the study was done in April 2010, so some might still get a raise later on). 51% are Extremely or Very satisfied with their design engineering career.

41% said their company had layoffs/downsized during the last 6 months. Among all US regions, the largest amount of employed engineers was in Midwest (36%). The highest base salary is in Southwest ($106,756). The average compensation keep rising with an age being the highest for the age group of 55-64, and then declines ("Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm 64?"). The highest average compensation is in software area. The entire survey can be downloaded from the link in Design News magazine homepage (they require a registration, but for now it is free).


Jack Kolbow the Suitcase Generator Guy said...

If you're here in the Philippines, you'd all appreciate those kind of salary.

Anonymous said...

I was laid off Fall 2009 with an ending salary in the low $80's. Seven months later, I found another position with a salary in the lower $70's. Most of the positions I interviewed for had very low salaries, some lower than what should be considered entry level. I have nearly 20 years experience and thought that being a Senior EE would be lend much security to my career, I was wrong...