June 11, 2006

How to Avoid Postage Rate Increases

This year US Postal Service has increased postal rates by approximately 5%. I understand they are also seeking another increase of approximately 8% in the spring of 2007. Despite this, the Postal Service is expected to finish this fiscal year about $2 billion in the red. Is this not a good example of what happens when you let government bureaucracy handle a business? In reality, there is no reason why the postage can't be much cheaper or even be free. How? Very simple- just like public television, radio, email, etc. can stay free.
Just let private companies sponsor the cost of the postage. Let the stamps feature IBM, Dell, APC, etc. rather then flowers. Or let advertisers print postage-paid envelopes with their ads. Of course, the stamp collectors should always be able to buy stamps just like those who are not satisfied with free email can buy a premium one. Just give us the option of low-cost or free ad-sponsored postage. (Ok, this is not exactly about power electronics, except when you need to mail your resume the old fashioned way (-: ).