August 6, 2006

Enhanced web searches for generators and power supplies

No matter how good Google search algorithm is, a purely mechanical algorithm can't always determine which sites are really useful and which are not. In addition, no search algorithm can know exactly what kind of info you are looking for. We all know that general purpose search engines bring up a lot of junk.
To address these issues Google recently launched Custom Search Engine (CSE) program which enables you to enhance your search by using human expertise and by specifying what type of info you are looking for. Particularly, my content is intented to improve your search experience in topics related to electrical generators and power electronics/SMPS.

EXAMPLES. Say, you want to choose a home generator and looking for something to start with. If you select my Guides/Reviews category, on the first search results page among other buyer's guides you will find a link to a very handy Consumer Reports' rating of generators. Otherwise, with a regular Google search this link is not among the top search results.

Alternatively, if you are looking for physical principles of electric generators you may want to eliminate commercial and advertising sites which represent more then half of the top results in "electric generator" query. Even if you try a more specific query like "how electric generator works", many relevant pages are still not at the top. Why? Because a search engine goes mainly by keywords you entered- obviously it does not know how generators work. Many web pages that describe in depth generator theory just do not use all these terms and won't show up in your top results. They do use more important terms though- you can't really describe generator's operation without using such words as Faraday, induction or magnet. That's why these terms are added to my "Generators/Physical principles" label. If you select this label, they will be automatically added in background to your query as additional search terms. This will make your refined search results more relevant and will weed out unrelated pages. In addition to this, web pages that I've personally reviewed and found useful for this topic will increase in importance within your refined search results and will be marked accordingly while spam sites and sites with unrelated or useless content will be pushed down in your custom search results.

You can do your search from my respective search engine page or

I encourage you to give it a try and see the difference for yourself. Note, this is a work in progress. I keep testing different keywords and algorithms to provide you with the most relevant search results. All comments are welcomed. To subscribe [by using any email address] click on this button:
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