January 24, 2015

2015 Home Generator Review and Buying Guide

Needless to say, the winter is here. During the past decade the number of power outages including weather related ones kept rising across the entire country. In 2014 alone there were more than 200 power disturbances in U.S. affecting over 16 million people. Since most electrical lines in U.S. still use overhead wires, and because of aging infrastructure of our power grid, this trend will likely continue. A lengthy power interruption is more than spoiled food or just an annoyance. It is a potential life-threatening situation. My online guide to home generators provides the basics of backup power. For complete information with step-by-step instructions on selection, sizing and connecting standby and portable models see my new generator review and buying guide. It will save you hours of research and potentially save you money too.


Gordon Young said...

Hi Lazar,
As a Consulting Engineer PE(Electrical) I asked our staff to read your book as it is useful for those who don't have much of a technical background. My company (InPower LLC) has just started manufacturing another much simpler Transfer Switch than Generlink. We are gaining various utility approvals now and consider our switch (which I am the inventor of) to be more simpler and more reliable than the other option. You can see our new website which is just getting started (June 4,2015) and I would appreciate inclusion in the next edition of your book. Our device "Home Run" is patented, UL approved, and unlike Generlink is fully mechanical except for a single LED eliminating electronic logic, relays, and other complex parts. It is also impossible to even insert the generator plug into the unit if it is connected to the utility lines. You can see the website at or contact me at for any questions.

Best regards,

Gordon Young PE

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