December 23, 2016

TI Power Supply Design Seminar 2016

This year TI power supply design seminar (formerly Unitrode) includes the following topics:

  • Design of a high-frequency series capacitor buck converter- presented 2-channel buck in which one channel has a series capacitor;
  • Flyback transformer design considerations for efficiency and EMI- a new funny way of constructing flyback transformer that supposedly minimizes energy losses due to proximity effect and leakage inductance;
  • Switch-mode power converter compensation- a step-by-step process that engineers can follow to compensate a power converter;
  • Bidirectional DC/DC converter topology comparison and design- automotive 48-V/12-V bidirectional converter;
  • SiC and GaN applied to high-frequency power- examines wide bandgap (WBG) silicon (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) power devices;
  • Under the hood of a noninverting buck-boost converter- various non-inverting topologies;
  • Design review of a 2-kW parallelable power-supply module- CCM PFC front end followed by current mode-controlled isolated DC/DC resonant ZVT phase-shifted full-bridge converter with synchronous rectification.
This year for the first time TI did not publish a complete seminar book like they used to do before, but provided only short slides. The texts of the presentations is not on their website yet- usually they do if after they finish the entire seminar series. Some of the the past seminar topics you can find here.

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